The Regime vs. Defense Distributed

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How will gun-grabbers carry out their confiscations if people can download 3-D printing applications and manufacture their own?

They will simply steal the websites. No need to pass troublesome laws, or to prove accusations in a court of law — even a federal court, where jurors are criminally credulous and prosecutors are free to indulge their whims.

This preemptive strike looks like a particularly inventive April Fool’s Day joke. I earnestly hope that it is. However, it’s worth pointing out that Defense Distributed, which is pioneering 3D-printed personal firearms, was planning to make Wiki weapons available by the end of the month. And yes, the “Undetectable Firearms Act” is a real thing.

There is no difference in principle between the Regime in Washington and the one that rule the Soviet Union under Josef Stalin. There are some cosmetic differences, to be sure, and at present the Regime doesn’t kill its domestic subjects as promiscuously as its Stalinist predecessor. But those differences will prove to be ephemeral, at best.

UPDATE — As suggested above, this is an April Fool’s Joke intended to dramatize what could happen if the Regime — which has indeed confiscated web domains in the past — decided to shut down Defense Distributed. The danger with Swiftian satire of this kind is that those who compose the Regime’s enforcement caste, who are utterly ruthless but not particularly bright, will be happy to let their prospective victims do the thinking for them.


7:33 am on April 1, 2013