The Recipe for “Instant Fascist ” …

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… just take one self-enraptured jerk, and add a badge:

Notice how the visibly deranged and physically unremarkable tax-feeder, one “Sgt. Ramirez,” justified his attack on journalists Darren Hunt and Ric DuPont by snarling, “I’m giving you an order!” This is a product of the Martial Law Mind-set, in which mundanes (ordinary citizens) are required to render instant, unquestioning obedience to any demand that dribbles down the tax-fattened chin of someone wearing a state-issued costume.

This incident illustrates perfectly the case for restoring legal protection for the common law right to resist unlawful arrest. Hunt and DuPont would have been well within their rights to resist — using appropriate and necessary force — this unprovoked and utterly unjustified attack.

3:10 pm on April 22, 2009