The Real ‘Isolationists’ Exposed

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Now that the neocons have been in control of the American foreign policy apparatus since the Reagan administration do you, as an American, feel more “engaged”  with the people of the Middle East, or do you feel isolated from them? Do you feel free  and safe to travel there, to shop, or to form business partnerships when Saudis, Libyans, or Egyptians, or do you feel isolated from them? Is it safe to send your children to a university in that part of the world, or on a summer tour-the-world vacation, or is is safer to isolate your children from such people and places?

The answer to these questions is of course “NO,” thanks to the belligerent instigationism of the neocons who run the American foreign policy establishment. They are the real isolationists. It is war and aggressive military bullying, the defining characteristics of the American empire — and of all empires — that isolates peoples of the world from one another. What brings them together, on the other hand, is peace, free enterprise, and free international trade. Ron Paul made this point over and over again during the Republican “debates,” and was roundly shouted down as an “isolationist” by the GOP statists and all their loudmouth minions on TV and radio. They all got it exactly backwards, in other words. But that doesn’t matter to the neocons. All that matters to them is to regain or retain political power and the wealth and riches is brings to them.

UPDATE:  Mark P. writes:  “The neocons are not only evil, they are stupid and evil.  But what else would you expect from former Trotskyits/communists turned Straussian?”

12:23 pm on September 14, 2012