Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

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Writes a Cathy Cuthbert:

I started to read the link about male rape in the military, but couldn’t get very far.

Over the years I’ve been told by people in military families that the general public puts too much pressure on soldiers to be exemplary. We can’t expect them to be more accomplished or virtuous. After all, the military population is essentially a subset of the general population. I never believed that for one second. I always thought that the military attracted the rear end of society with rare exception, essentially people who can’t make it in the productive economy and people with a heinous violent streak. Throw in the totally brainwashed to cover the vast majority.

At least my father-in-law was honest. When filling out forms asking for his occupation, he would write, “Hired killer.” That was supposed to be funny, but I never saw the humor in it.

12:29 pm on April 8, 2011