The Quixotic Quest of Civilizing Savages

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The TSA is trying to teach its thugs at Newark’s airport basic manners. 

Just when you thought Our Rulers couldn’t get any more ludicrous, they plumb new depths of absurdity.

Be sure to catch the readers’ comments. As I write, there are ten, all of them derisive: “What will this involve, asking ‘May I grope you, Sir?’ or ‘You won’t mind if I steal your iPad will you?'” demands Bill Fisher, while Annapolis witheringly adds, “I prefer to have TSA thugs speak to us exactly as their disgusting actions would indicate: that we are terrorist suspects caught in a Kafka-esque nightmare, and that they intend to sexually humiliate us as a ‘safety’ measure by putting their hands down our pants and touching minor children where their bathing suits cover. Anyone who takes a job molesting children deserves nothing but our contempt, and that’s what they’ll continue to get from me…”

Or, as notioranda observes, “You can put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig.” Apologies to porkers everywhere.

6:33 am on February 1, 2013