The Question of Moist Chicken on the Grill

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I’m sure that Tom has received nice answers (to the critical question of how to keep chicken from drying out on the grill) via email, but since LRC has granted me blogging rights, I’ll make this public: soak the pieces in tons of sauce and cook them with all skin and bones on them.

Those ridiculous skinned breasts you can buy at the store are only good for flattening for a fancy-pants rolled chicken dish (proscuito and cheese etc.) or for stir fry (yuk!) but when it comes to bbq, chicken must have bones and skin. The skin keeps it wet and the bones keep the meat stretched and the result is yum. And since you have had dry chicken in the past, a typical error is to undercook, but that is a mistake. With bones and skin, you can cook a long time on low heat with basting, and you should.

Here’s another tip. So long as you have the grill going, throw some corn-on-the-cob in foil and let it cook at the same time. Amazing! Coda: readers wrote to say that you should just leave them in the husks, which is of course right.

By the way, whatever happened to corn bread? It is so darn easy–heat the lard in the gridle BEFORE adding the mix, and, as with all quick breads, never ever overmix; merely “wet” the dry–and yet even in the South, people don’t bother anymore. I would take a bad homemade cornbread over a store-bought yeast roll any day!

3:56 pm on July 3, 2005