The Question I Asked Ron Paul

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Video will no doubt be up soon, but at last night’s Liberty Forum (sponsored by Campaign for Liberty) at CPAC, I had the privilege as emcee to ask Ron Paul the first question during the audience Q&A. I figured I wouldn’t ask if he was planning to run in 2012, because he’d (understandably) evade that question.

I ticked off a few of the good results of the 2008 presidential campaign: the Federal Reserve is now a subject of debate for practically the first time ever, it’s possible now to propose that our government’s foreign policy might be a teensy-weensy bit not-conservative, and Austrian economics is enjoying its greatest surge in interest since Hayek won the Nobel Prize.

Likewise, we now have more people interested in these ideas than ever before, and another effort could — who knows — triple our numbers.

Now granting how physically and mentally taxing such a campaign is, my question, Congressman Paul, is this: can you name for us any good reasons not to run?

Big cheers.

He got a big grin on his face and ultimately admitted that he couldn’t think of any.

9:40 pm on February 19, 2010