The Purpose of Government

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The purpose of government is to organize the plundering of the citizenry so as to enrich those who run the government. Legalized theft on a massive scale, in other words. As though we need more evidence of this, the AP reports today of “lavish spending” of taxpayers’ funds for personal use by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) bureaucrats, a.k.a., stealing. Here are a few examples:

-$500,000 for an awards ceremony at an expensive hotel.

-$500 for cheese trays and $81,000 for plaques.

-Awards for 543 TSA bureaucrats.

-A “Lifetime Achievement Award” for one bureaucrat, even though the TSA bureaucracy’s “lifetime” is only two years.

-$200,000 for travel and loging for our self-congratulating bureaucrats.

-“Senior executive” bonuses averaging $16,000.

-Job interviews by TSA bureaucrats are oftenheld at “lush resort hotels with golf courses, pools, and spas” according to the AP.

-$81,767 for a company to plan the awards party.

-$5,196 for “official photographs” of the fat and happy bureaucrats.

The financial security of TSA bureaucrats is obviously the top priority of this worse-than-useless useless bureaucracy.

9:48 am on October 14, 2004