The Purpose of Curtains and Clothes

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Lew, thanks very much for constantly picking up articles about preserving our privacy. I love the point today’s makes, that it’s up to us to protect our privacy – and thank God we still can;  sooner or later, the busybodies will criminalize even the most minimal attempt to shield ourselves from them, a la the cops with radar detectors. And pursuant to yesterday’s piece, I opened an account with Hushmail. I’m very pleased with it so far and urge everyone to investigate securing his email.

Let me also suggest that we use the opportunity of switching accounts to spread liberty. We can email friends, even those who mock our anarchism, with our new addresses and this explanation: “The government has no business reading what you and I write to each other, so I’m using Hushmail [or equivalent] for email from now on.” We can even add a signature block, with a legend to the effect of, “I switched from [my old account] to Hushmail [or equivalent] because I don’t want the government prying into my personal correspondence – or yours.”

Finally, folks, if I have to hear or read one more time that obscene, anti-American, and utterly evil surveillance doesn’t matter because only the bad guys have something to hide, I will go stark raving bonkers. Please, please, please explain to all the statists you know that yes, even such sterling citizens as they have matters to conceal. Otherwise, they wouldn’t wear clothes nor hang curtains at their windows.

Yo, Sheeple: privacy counts. Big time. Why else would the State crave so much for itself while trying to strip every shred of it from us?

11:02 am on June 18, 2013