The Prudential Wisdom of George F. Kennan

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Vainty Fair’s Todd S. Purdum elucidates upon the prudential wisdom of George F. Kennan, the grand old diplomat and curmudgeonly sage, and his profound second thoughts upon the national security state he helped birth during the Truman administration. If only cooler and wiser heads had prevailed in those pedestrian times, heeding the prophetic Old Right warnings of Robert Taft, Howard Buffet, and especially the great Garet Garrett, we would not have travelled down the bloody path of adventurous foreign interventionism and imperial centralization of executive authority which sullied our once-noble republican legacy in the name of egregious empire. Today we can be thankful that our sterling champion of integrity and character, presidential candidate Ron Paul, once again voices those principled concerns of genuine peace through non-intervention and diplomacy, as opposed to the chimera of militarism and belligerence.

5:48 pm on December 9, 2011