The Problem, Dear Brutus, Lies Not in the Size

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Lew, I loved the clip you posted a few days ago, with a couple of scholars arguing that America is too big for freedom to flourish, that with around 300 million residents and 435 “representatives” in Congress it has exceeded all human scale and become dysfunctional.

It’s a provocative point. But anyone who lives under the despotism of a homeowner’s association, anyone who’s argued with and lost to a petty tyrant at a local bureaucracy, anyone who’s groveled to a cop but failed to avoid a ticket, proves that the problem isn’t government’s size. Rather, it is government itself, its very nature, its brute force and compulsion.

We won’t live free until government is abolished, totally, completely, down to its last ratty little bureaucrat. Good riddance to exceedingly bad trash.

1:32 pm on December 13, 2012