The Prisoner

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A remake of the classic 60s TV series The Prisoner will be coming soon.  Here is a preview.  I absolutely love the original series starring Patrick McGoohan; I have it on DVD, as well as a small collection of books about the series and the world-wide phenomena it created.  It is one of the greatest television productions ever filmed, due to its incredible originality and strong message of individual freedom against authority.  You can view it here.

I also have on DVD the entire 25 episodes of Nowhere Man, the exceptional 90s series with Bruce Greenwood which resembles The Prisoner in many ways.  I strongly urge you to view either series if you have not seen them.   They are terrific!  Not your usual TV fare.  One of the reasons I abstain from viewing the mind-numbing drek and escapist garbage of today is that, in many ways, very little has changed since FCC chairman Newton Minow delivered his famous 1961 speech to broadcasters denouncing network television as “a vast wasteland.”  Only the quantity—not quality—has changed, with hundreds of insipid channels instead of three.  As to the new version of The Prisoner, I am keeping an open mind.

7:42 pm on July 30, 2009