The Price of Double Standards

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Leviathan’s laughable courts have again confirmed that its blue-gloved goons at the airports assault and batter us. But they’ve also once more ordered us to submit, regardless.

You may remember Carol Jean Price. She molested passengers as an employee of the TSA. Then she left the agency, I hope to find honest work.

In April, she tried to fly to her brother’s funeral. That gave her former colleagues an excuse to grope her: “’(The screener) [sic for ‘deviant’] dug into my bra strap coming down,’ [Carol] said. ‘She also swiped the palm of her hand down the front of my breast.’ She said she didn’t stop the screener [sic for ‘rapist’] at that point because she wanted to make her plane and make it home to her brother.” Oh, Carol, we understand: many passengers silently endured your abuse, too, for just the same reason. “The screener [sic for ‘assailant’] then patted down her lower body, Price said. ‘She just took the palm of her hand and went up my leg — front, back, right leg, left leg — and touched my genitals,’ she said. In all, she said her genitals were touched four times and that the screener’s [sic for ‘degenerate’s’] hands ‘went up into my buttocks.’”

Carol objected — and vehemently; don’t we all? “She said she became upset and asked to talk to a supervisor [sic for ‘Obergruppenführer’]. While speaking with … [Obergruppenführer] Kristin Arnberg, Price said … she demonstrated to Arnberg how she had been patted down. ‘I got up her leg, close to her genitals, but did not even get near enough to touch them,’ she said.”

Uh-oh. Our Rulers never, ever appreciate our doing to them what they do to us, even as a demonstration, even more mildly. “It hurt. It was embarrassing,” decreed the Obergruppenführersentiments her victims have repeatedly shrieked.

Naturally, the perverts had Carol rather than her assailants arrested. She went to trial this week — and the six lackeys on the jury duly convicted her of battery “after deliberating about 20 minutes…” (another source clocked them at only ten minutes).

I occasionally hear from readers who think they’ve invented a fool-proof plan for beating the TSA at its thuggery, whether it’s moaning with simulated pleasure as the agency paws them or offering its whore a cigarette afterwards. When I point out that the TSA is blatant, police-state tyranny and that tyranny is unpredictable — even the most innocuous behavior can and has resulted in arrest or worse — they respond that a jury will never convict them.

Carol’s experience says the opposite. (It also speaks volumes about how thoroughly the State has corrupted juries and the Herculean labor ahead of the Fully Informed Jury Association.) The only sure-fire way of defeating the TSA is to boycott flying. Staying on terra firma not only protects you from these criminals, it will also send them packing when the airlines lose enough business.

Don’t fly.


10:03 am on July 13, 2012