The President Who Died for Us

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Of all the anti-Christian attacks being made as we approach Easter, perhaps The President Who Died for Us by Richard Wightman Fox in the NY Times is the worst:

He had been offering his body and soul all through the war and his final sacrifice, providentially appointed for Good Friday, showed that God had surely marked him for sacred service.

…Seven score and one years have passed since Good Friday 1865, and Lincoln has always remained his own man. In his final years, he had set his own course by balancing a pressing sense of the rule of Providence with a persistent belief in the power of reason. Still, he can — and should — stand as historic demonstration that a republican hero’s sacrifice for the people comes very close to Christ’s ideals of self-denial and self-giving.

I do not consider my foray into libertarian studies to be a theological journey. But in this one respect I have learned something from libertarians about religion that is very practical and relevant. American Christians are in extreme spiritual danger from our false civil religion and our false god: the murderously “redemptive” U.S. government.

1:18 am on April 14, 2006