The Power Shift from the Legislative Branch to Corporatist Wall Street

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The objective behind the move toward nationalization and socialization of the economy at breakneck speed is to make unprecedented and unconstitutional power grabs in order to empower the agents of Wall Street – see the Treasury Dept’s numerous unchecked powers and its Wall Street players – to rule, regulate, and centrally plan the economy of the US, and eventually partner with foreign agents of deception to head up an omnipotent global order. All of these modifications of power in recent years are a massive shift away from the legislative body to unelected bureaucrats who all come via way of Wall Street and/or the Ivy league. First there was the shift of power to the executive branch so it could conduct its wars, empower the Fed, and generate one-man decrees in the form of executive orders with little or no interference. Now the power is being shifted to the Treasury Dept, federal agencies, ad hoc committees, and other agents of the executive branch who can carry out the mandates from the regime with additional manpower and coverage. The regime can lord it over the captive serfs when they can control the economy, and the economy is deftly managed when they control the money and make it illegal for men to employ an alternative and honest medium of exchange.

7:46 pm on February 17, 2009