The Power of “NO!”

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Bill Martin forwarded this magnificent column by a woman determined not to bow to Obummercare. It follows an equally magnificent one he sent about a week ago, which another blogger quoted and endorsed, entitled, “I Will Not Comply.”

I encourage all of you who are in my situation — uninsured free-lancers — to take heart: opposition to communistic Obummercare is not only growing but hardening. Our first columnist lists the penalties with which the extortionate Feds threaten us for snubbing their nationalized insurance, but others say the IRS can only withhold your tax refund (not a problem for those of us who seldom or never receive refunds!). Whatever, if millions of serfs reject Obummercare, Leviathan is outa luck.

Meanwhile, those of you who are insured but facing steep hikes thanks to Obummercare’s nationalization of the industry might want to cancel your policy and enroll in a “health care sharing ministry.” Such membership exempts you from Obummercare’s clutches. “A HCSM is founded on the biblical mandate of believers to share each other’s needs. Our goal is to apply Galatians 6:2, ‘Bear one another’s burdens, and thus fulfill the law of Christ’ to the ever-rising medical costs which can be quite burdensome for anyone, single or married, young or old. …” HCSMs require you to pledge that you live a healthy, Christian life (i.e., you’re not visiting brothels every night), and they should never be confused with insurance. But they offer a fine rebuke to the State, and I suspect most employers would be happy to pay their far lower costs for you instead of Obummercare’s stratospheric expenses.

9:38 am on October 9, 2013