The Poor Saps

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The latest scandal to hit the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) concerns a ring running oxycodone from Florida to Connecticut. Members bribed a couple of cops and three of the TSA’s thugs so they’d let couriers pass through airports “with the drugs on his person or in his carry-on luggage…

Guys, that was money ill-spent: Your chances of smuggling stuff past these bozos without their ever catching on were excellent. They fail all tests of their abilities to find contraband by stunning percentages.

Meanwhile, the DEA that has terrified physicians into under-prescribing opiates and condemned millions of sufferers to chronic pain demonizes anyone brave enough to remedy such unconscionable cruelty. “Prescription pain medication abuse is rampant in New England,” the DEA’s spokes-stooge claimed, “and this trafficking group allegedly preyed upon the individuals to line their pockets, blah, blah, blah…” Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones: Police-power abuse is rampant not only in New England but all over the country, and the DEA preys on victims to line its pockets.

Contrast the DEA’s bluster with this surprising sense from the TSA’s thuggette. When one of our heroes approached Brigette Jones about slipping his wares through her checkpoint, he told her, “’I don’t break the law .. I don’t rob banks.’

“’Okay, there’s nothing wrong with that,’ Jones said.

“’High class,’ the man said.

“’High end,’ Jones said, adding later, ‘Your secret is safe with me.’”

How’s that for a lesson on natural law?

11:51 am on September 15, 2011