The Plot Thickens

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The execrable “former IRS Commissioner [sic for ‘thief who, along with the Fed, legally commits history’s biggest heists’] Douglas Shulman visited the White House at least 157 times during the Obama administration,” the Daily Caller reports. To put that into perspective, his “predecessor Mark Everson only visited the White House once during four years of service [sic] in the George W. Bush administration and compared the IRS’s remoteness from the president to ‘Siberia.’”

The article offers more grounds for comparison from an “analysis” it conducted: “Attorney General Eric Holder … logged 62 publicly known White House visits, not even half as many as Shulman’s 157. Former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, to whom Shulman reported, clocked in at just 48 …. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton earned a cool 43 public visits, and current Secretary of State John Kerry logged 49 known White House visits in the same timeframe, when he was still a U.S. senator.”

Hmmm. So just what did Chief Thieves Shulman and Obummer discuss during those “visits” while, coincidentally I’m sure, the former was persecuting the latter’s political enemies?

No doubt the neocon Caller wouldn’t have undertaken this sparkling journalism should Obummer hail from the Rethuglican brand of  Dictators, Inc., instead of the Dimocratic one, but what the heck: it’s good to see that someone somewhere still has the gumption to investigate a story rather than merely acting as a franchise of the White House’s press office. (Thanks to Bill Martin for the link.)

6:09 am on June 1, 2013