The Plain Truth on American Fascism

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Judge Andrew P. Napolitano’s closing remarks segment, “The Plain Truth on American Fascism,” on his daily Freedom Watch program on the Fox Business Network, was one of his most powerful, courageous, and forceful. It was positively Rothbardian and vitriolic in documenting the full extent in which welfare-warfare statists since Woodrow Wilson have deliberately sought the destruction of the American Republic, and how the Federal Reserve has been the great enabler of this catastrophic series of events. The Judge cogently catalogs in just precious minutes the sordid record which will send ‘court historians’ and like-minded apologists for war (state-sanctioned murder) and welfare (state-sanctioned thievery) scurrying for cover. In particular, note his delectable descriptions of Wilson, Hoover, Roosevelt, and Keynes.

We live in perilous economic times of strife and uncertainty. Accordingly, in the spirit of H. L. Mencken’s “utopian flights,” I propose the Congress enact a massive federal stimulus spending-jobs creation reconstruction project for that sacrilegious desecration of Mount Rushmore in the stolen homelands of the Lakota people. Dynamite the existing egregious images of past presidential criminals-in-chief and replace them with those of Murray Rothbard, Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, and Judge Andrew Napolitano — heroic enemies of the state and liberators of humanity. Or maybe we could simply return the tribal lands to its rightful owners in an act of justice and restitution. That would certainly please these four champions of property rights more and be a more fitting memorial to the bedrock first principles upon which they stand.

1:59 pm on May 28, 2011