The Philippines is a hell-hole too

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…says the US Government.

Per my recent post on Mexico, one reader writes:

I will be moving to the Philippines in the next couple years. The U.S. propaganda machine has definitely blown things out of proportion there with the threat of the Muslim radical group Abu Sayyaf. …Michelle Malkin…tried to connect an explosion in Makati to the war on terror and radical Muslims. She’s just a shill. Turns out it was a gas leak

But that same reader did ask a good question: “What about crime in Mexico?” It seems pretty bad to him.

Fair enough. Put simply, Mexico has become the battleground in which the American drug war is being fought. Washington has essentially managed to export the drug war to Mexico, and the Mexicans are paying the price.

As Will Grigg has amply shown, crime, corruption in the police ranks, and the destruction of the rule of law are all the fruits of the drug war here in America. It is all just as true in Mexico.

Mexico’s biggest crime problem comes from organized crime, and organized crime is all about drug cartels. Drug running is a violent but profitable business. It’s so profitable because of the drug war.

The effect of all of this is discussed in Ted Galen Carpenter’s book “The Bad Neighbor Policy”

Like with Prohibition in America during the 20’s, drug prohibition in Mexico has become the life-blood for organized criminals and turned some cities into battlegrounds.

The US Drug war has included relentless pressure on Latin American countries to conduct their own drug wars and to keep drugs illegal. When Mexico considered legalizing posession of small amounts of drugs in 2006, Washington furiously intervened and quashed the effort.

Instead, Washington provides military training to Latin American military forces and bribes the central governments with foreign “aid” which of course just leads to corruption and enriches the government while the people suffer.

Every year there are more and more reports of human rights abuses committed by the increasingly militarized Latin American police forces who have been trained and bought off to fight the American drug war for Washington.

More recently in Mexico, President Calderon, who is basically a right wing pal of the Bush administration seems to think that the drug trade can be erradicated if only enough troops are deployed and enough of the citizenry is roughed up.

It will all end in the failure of course, and Mexico will suffer in the meantime.

Nevertheless, the country is far from being one giant war zone, and the right-wing propaganda to that effect is a bit hysterical to say the least.

12:39 am on November 2, 2008