“The People Are Revolting”

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An educator colleague forwarded me an insightful document, Teaching Interrupted:  Do Discipline Policies in Today’s Public Schools Foster The Public Good.  What is particularly intriguing about this report is the elite composition of the board of directors of Public Agenda, the organization sponsoring this study.  Virtually the entire PA board when this project was commissioned were members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Mt. Olympus of the power elite.  Peter G. Peterson is former CFR chairman. Other CFR/PA board members included Daniel Yankelovich, Sidney Harman, Frank Stanton, Bobby Ray Inman, Lloyd Morrisett, and Alice Rivlin.  Judith Davidson Moyers is the wife of CFR member Bill Moyers.  It is gratifying that our overlords are curious how their serfs’ offspring are treated in the behavior modification centers they have created for manners, obedience, and deference to their betters.  Can’t have unruly peasants storm the Harold Pratt House like their predecessors did the Bastille or Czar’s Winter Palace.   Upon viewing Obama and his courtiers, congressional cohorts Pelosi and Reid, and media sycophants Maddow and Matthews fulminate and foam concerning enthusiastic outburst of δῆμος (or dêmos) in response to the draconian health care regime, one is reminded of the classic words of Louis XVI (Mel “its good ta be da king”  Brooks) when told that “the people are revolting.” 

Yes, your Majesty, we are indeed!  Vive la Revolution!

7:18 pm on August 8, 2009