The Paranoia Runs As Deep As Their Greed

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A friend sends me this “Notice” one of Our Rulers’ “CONTRACTORS CLEARED UNDER THE NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL SECURITY PROGRAM” circulated to employees regarding “INADVERTANT EXPOSURE TO POTENTIALLY CLASSIFED INFORMATION IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN.Inadvertant, mind you. If you work in the “industrial” part of the military-industrial complex and happen upon another of Our Rulers’ secrets courtesy of the heroic Assange or Snowden, you must pretend you didn’t until Simon says you may:

Contractors shall not, while accessing the web on Contractor’s unclassified systems, access or download documents that are known or suspected to contain classified information. Classified information, whether or not already posted on public websites, disclosed to the media, or otherwise in the public domain remains classified and must be treated as such until such time it is declassified by an appropriate U.S. government authority. It is the responsibility of every Contractor to protect classified information and to follow established procedures for accessing classified information only through authorized means.

Contractors who inadvertently discover potentially classified information in the public domain shall report its existence immediately to their Facility Security Officers (FSO). Companies are instructed to delete the offending material by holding down the SHIFT key while pressing the DELETE key for Windows-based systems and clearing of the internet browser cache. Subsequently, administrative inquires and adverse reports are not required. These procedures apply only to the inadvertent exposure to classified information in the public domain.

My source reports that he tried the “SHIFT/DELETE” trick on his computer at home; it did not work.

8:15 am on June 24, 2013