The Pantywaist and the Pink Ruler

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Many of you may have seen this video of a woman being arrested by thugs of the legitimized criminal class (aka the government) for filming them from her own property. The pantywaist thugs felt “afraid” of her presence while they were busy harassing another victim of theirs, so they arrested her. Her case has been dismissed. [Thanks to an LRC reader for alerting me to this.] I wasn’t going to post the story because, unfortunately, this sort of incident is rapidly becoming “the same old, same old”—but then this even more unbelievable follow-up video was posted on YouTube. It shows three pantywaist thugs giving out parking tickets to cars that are allegedly owned by people who are attending a meeting to discuss the original incident of the woman being arrested. Even if the cars don’t belong to those people, you mean to tell me that it takes three pantywaist thugs on duty wasting robbery victims’ (aka taxpayers) money to give out bogus parking tickets? One pantywaist thug wasn’t competent enough (or, perhaps, courageous enough) to handle this harassment? (You gotta love that pink ruler.)

9:18 am on June 27, 2011