The Pantheon

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Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, Sibel Edmonds, Karen Kwiatkowski, Gary Webb, Danny Casolaro, John StockwellDaniel Ellsberg, Mike Gravel, A. Ernest Fitzgerald, Whitaker Chambers, Benjamin Gitlow, and Smedley Darlington Butler are heroes and heroines in the pantheon of whistleblowers who put their conscientious dedication to first principles ahead of a pretended allegiance to duplicitous cabals within a criminal state which had betrayed the fiduciary trust and essential liberties of the people. Their courageous stories and historic legacies and examples should be celebrated in every classroom from coast to coast as models of integrity and conviction for our younger generation fixated on narcissistic faux celebrities and sports figures with the nihilistic ethical standards of alley cats and gutter rats.

6:10 pm on June 9, 2013