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I just happened on a new blog which had its first substantive post yesterday. Despite how new it is, I feel I must at least give a mention to a blog titled “The Paleo Blog” and subtitled “Dedicated to the late Murray Rothbard”. From that first real post I mentioned, The Paleo Pundits:

This [Old Right] movement was so unlike the modern day right. Not just because of ideological and philosophical differences, but because the big tent of the Old Right was allowed to exist. Today, however, the modern day right does not have this feature. The modern day right, much like the left, is only about worshiping government power, i.e. their government power — their guys (Republicans).

The rebirth of the Old Right shared this (and still does) big tent friendly environment. It goes without saying that there are differences between paleoconservatives and paleolibertarians…

What draws together the paleos today? Being against the Bush administration, modern day conservatism, the Iraq war, etc.

BTW, I ran across this because I was glancing at Technorati and decided to see how LRC ranks there. (Technorati ranks blogs or blog-like sites by how many other blogs link to them). LRC is looking pretty good actually. It would be awfully nice to beat NRO’s The Corner though, (LRC is close).

2:33 pm on November 15, 2006