The Obama-Cheney Ticket Thrives

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National Review has already argued that torture is good, but telling the truth about it kills people. Now Obama kicks the can around, and NR, still clueless to the core, wonders, “Why did the Eric Holder Justice Department decide to publicize the prisoner-abuse photos in the first place?”


What we are watching is a staged melodrama that will last right through the 2010 elections, entitled, “How much do Republicans love torture? Just a little, or a lot?” And its companion piece, “Dick Cheney Won’t Shut Up.” Obama will keep the party going, you can bet on it. Everyone nuts enough to run on the GOP ticket, right down to county commissioner, will be hounded by ObamaCorps (= the media) to state their position on torture.It will never end. The secret: Obama probably hired Cheney to resonate the “Republicans Love Torture” message forever. Cheney, the most unpopular living Republican, gets paid by the word. Republicans throw up their hands (“or just throw up,” as Pat Buchanan once put it), and ObamaLand marches on unimpeded.

Prediction: the next step will be a demand for show trials.

10:22 am on May 14, 2009