The NYT Lust Over Syrian Blood

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Thanks again to the excellent Moon of Alabama blog for pointing out the utterly pornographic bloodlust of the New York Times and its ubiquitous unnamed “diplomats and analysts” who desperately hope that Kofi Annan’s internationalist trap for Syria is sprung and another glorious “humanitarian intervention” can liberate the Syrians as it has the Libyans.

As the MoA blog quotes the NYTimes:

“In some ways, the Annan plan needs to fail — which appears most likely — to persuade Russia and China not to wield their veto on Syria resolutions as they have twice previously, diplomats and analysts said.”

Writes MoA:

“One seldom sees blood-lust expressed so openly in a news story. Meanwhile the cease-fire seems to hold for the last a few hours though there are unconfirmed reports of a rebel attack against a military airport near Aleppo. But with ‘diplomats and analysts’ openly urging for a failure of the cease-fire one wonders how long it will take until it breaks down.”

Indeed. It is out there in all its sociopathological sickness. When only “regime change” is on the menu, there is no point in asking the cook to prepare anything else.

6:40 pm on April 12, 2012