The NYT Defines ‘Nihilism’

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In a philosophy class long ago, I thought that I had learned a definition of “nihilism,” but apparently not. Today, the New York Times is claiming that “nihilism” is defined as the opposition to the expansion of the state. Bill Keller, the former editor of the NYT explains in a recent column.

Given that the NYT in an earlier editorial used the same term to describe political opposition to Obama’s political economy, I only can conclude that we must redefine the word “nihilism.” After all, the NYT IS the “Newspaper of Record.” One also should recall that for the first two years of Obama’s presidency, he not only had a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, but also overwhelming numbers in the House, so the idea that “nihilistic” Republicans were able to block anything that Obama did is a joke, not that Republicans had any answers, either.

9:58 am on September 19, 2011