The NYPD: As Comical as Barney Fife, Though Not As Funny

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In response to New York City’s jailing one-eighth of its population, and as a reminder that positive, man-made laws are as silly as their enforcers, Richard Malloy writes, “Your post reminded me of an episode of the Andy Griffith show where Barney was acting Sheriff for a day in Andy’s absence.  He enforced the letter of the law and had all of the town’s folk behind bars much to the chagrin of Andy upon his return.  The NYPD are just as comical, though not nearly as funny.”

Update: Our Rulers’ ambitions to toss the lot of us in the pokey also inspired David Maharaj. He writes, “Wouldn’t it be a truly wonderful world if it were the other way around? One-eighth of ‘public servants’ in jail at any given time.” Oh, be still my racing heart! But then David tops this delicious fantasy: “Come to think if it, I’m being ‘cheap.’ How about the entire gang of thugs and  parasites in cages?”

Yes, yes, yes! What a wonderful zoo that would be!


8:13 am on February 27, 2013