The Non-Apartheid (But Segregated) State of Israel

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Secretary of Belligerence State John Forbes Kerry had referred to Israel as becoming an “apartheid state” unless the Israelis agree to a two-state deal with the Palestinians, followed by his backing off and apologizing for using the term, “apartheid.” Anti-Zionist Jewish journalist Philip Weiss has written this post quoting Palestinian activist Mustafa Barghouthi as saying that Israel already is an apartheid state, but that Americans perhaps could use the term “segregation” to better describe the society there. Weiss writes that one would think the American media would ask Barghouthi and others who live in occupied territories what it’s like living in occupied territories. Weiss also quotes from Andrew Sullivan who writes, “John Kerry Tells the Truth … Therefore He Must Apologize.” Sullivan writes:

The state of Israel controls a large amount of neighboring territory, seized in war, in which the inhabitants are divided by ethnicity, with one group, the original inhabitants of the land or refugees from ethnic cleansing, are systematically disadvantaged compared with the other. They are penned into eight distinct areas from which they have to get through checkpoints to move around. They have no right to vote for the government that controls their lives. This arrangement has now lasted a year longer than the apartheid regime in South Africa – and, unlike that regime, looks set to continue indefinitely. It also comprises a massive project of ethnic and social engineering in which the dominant ethnic group continues to settle the occupied territory in an attempt – forbidden by the Geneva Conventions – to change its demographic nature.

And now, according to Robert Wenzel, Sen. Rand Paul has filed legislation to end U.S. government aid to the Palestinian Authority unless the PA formally recognizes Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish State, as well as pledge to not engage in war with Israel. I guess when the Israeli military starts bombing Gaza the next time then Palestinians are instructed to feign life is normal. But does Sen. Paul intend to file legislation to end aid to Israel unless the Israelis recognize the Palestinians’ right to exist as human beings and to not have to live in a segregated society such as Israel currently is?

Unfortunately a lot of people are misinformed about Israel, thanks to the stenographers of the U.S. mainstream media, who get their information from the U.S. government who get their information from the Israeli government. I have written about Israel here and here. And more info here and here.

1:21 pm on April 30, 2014