The NFL Shoots Itself in the Leg

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So, thanks to a gibbering mob, Rush Limbaugh is barred from being a minority (uh oh) partner in the Rams, thus preventing more attention and excitement for a bad football team, and a declining sport, and offending a vast number of fans at the same time. Any laughable comments can be made up and believed, in the land of Sharpton. As to Limbaugh’s actual remarks, no need to try to refute them. The “Eek, a mouse” strategy used by propagandists will suffice. Isn’t it long past time that we junked the DOJ-MSM moral code, which is a pack of lies anyway, and ended the reign of Jesse Jacksonism? Indeed, I wonder whether that may be starting to happen. Maybe the people have had enough PC nonsense stuffed down their throats by the smug power elite, and will start to reject the purveyors of real hate. This is just another reason to cheer the impending demise of newspapers and paper magazines. (Via Drudge)

UPDATE: Limbaugh “fires back” at Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX).

UPDATE: our own Walter Block is defeating the smearing diversitymongers.

12:21 pm on October 15, 2009