The New York Times: Please Give Us Tyranny Lite

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In an editorial praising House Republicans who voted against provisions of the “Patriot” Act, the NY Times once again presents the delusion that somehow Tyranny Lite isn’t so bad. While correctly saying that there are very questionable provisions of the the law which are headed for expiration at the end of this month, the Newspaper that Protected Mike Nifong demonstrates that in not calling for outright repeal of this horrible law, it does support overwhelming, crushing government that imprisons the innocent and destroys lives.

The Patriot Act was trotted out less than two weeks after 9/11, not read, not explained, nothing. It was to be the fig leaf for government that would allow authorities basically to declare that everyone was a potential terrorist, and that our Brave, Heroic Agents would be able to ferret out those ubiquitous terrorists in our midst. Apparently, those “civil libertarians” at the NYT have no problem with that larger issue.

7:33 am on February 13, 2011