The New ‘Total Recall’

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I liked the old ‘Total Recall,’ starring the man who used to be Arnold Schwarzenegger before he became just another Republican looter. The movie was a little too campy, but still fun. But I really like the new ‘Total Recall,’ which can be seen as Total Recall goes Blade Runner. No campiness, and it is also more faithful to the libertarian vision of sci-fi genius Philip K. Dick, upon whose short story the movies are loosely based. But here’s what’s best of all. In the original, the villain was an oppressive company—typical Hollywood, right? In the new movie, the villain is an oppressive government. The good guys, in a mining colony, want secession and freedom, so the central government stages all sorts of bombings that it blames on the resistance, whom it describes as terrorists. I won’t summarize the plot, for spoiler reasons, but I will say, if you like sci-fi and action movies, go see this one.

1:30 pm on August 5, 2012