The New “Gatekeepers”

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I’ve gotten some interest at the Mises Blog and in e-mail about a libertarian presence on in reaction to my post. There is already a plan in place at Mises coordinated by David Veksler. I’d like to plan a separate effort at LRC.

If you are a libertarian on then e-mail me your Digg Member Name and I will make you a Friend. Keep an eye on my Friend list and add the folks on it as your Friends, (except for ambermac and Kevin Rose who are there for other reasons). We will then be able to see what this group of libertarians is submitting or digging and support each other’s efforts to promote libertarian content. In fact you can start by digging George Reisman’s article on the New York Times today which has already been submitted.

2:23 pm on June 26, 2006