The Neoconservative Mind: Closed for Repair

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After several months of apparently prodigious study, Mark  Levin is still flaunting his ignorance — as usual, with the same tiresome vulgarity, but with all-new fabrications. He confuses Ovid’s Golden Age with a utopia , refers to the limited temporal power of medieval Catholic monarchies as “Royalist Crap” (flirting with some nascent bigotry there, perhaps?), and tops it off by concocting a self-serving fantasy that has him advancing the career of one of my family members (we’d never heard of him, although John Bolton, at the Reagan Justice Department, was indispensable in the effort to which Levin’s otherwise fictional account refers).

Levin’s tawdry indulgence is apparently designed to impress his readers (why, he admires my former boss “and” my famous relative!), crowing that he’s never heard of me (I am “unknown,” deo gratias), as though it is proof positive that his fantasies are true.

Of course, Levin’s pretentious pomposity doesn’t permit him to provide links to Tom Woods’s posts or mine, which would allow his readers to think for themselves and draw their own conclusions. He seems a tad insecure — a common trait of blowhards. Instead, he attempts to distract his readers from the facts, the most important of which Levin adroitly evades like the plague (or, when it comes to Christianity, the truth): the home-grown neocon utopian ideology that promises to put “an end to evil” through the forceful imposition of American imperialism throughout the world — oh, to “end tyranny,” of course. There’s your target utopia, Mr. Levin. Fire away.

This kind of idle boasting does not serve Mr. Levin’s readers well. If they keep coming back for more, well, may they inherit the earth (Matt. 5:5). But if Republican Hot-Tub junkies think they will defeat Obama in 2012 with this kind of claptrap, they are woefully mistaken.

Meanwhile, if Mr. Levin is still scratching his head after three more months, and cares to learn the basics of the Christian thinking he so boorishly derides, he’s welcome to sit in on my class on Augustine next year — but he will be required to check his vulgarities at the door.

10:35 am on July 15, 2011