The Neocons Really DO Hate the GOP

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Now Kid Kristol joins National Review in cheering Cheney. While Republicans wince, Cheney’s outbursts continue to rub the country’s nose in Bush’s disasters.

Kristol, whose track record is virtually perfect (he’s always wrong), insists that Republicans can’t win in 2012 unless they keep reminding voters of the wonderful Bush (gee, that must be why every GOP 2008 primary contender – except Ron Paul — refused to mention Bush at all, while they climbed all over each other trying to claim Reagan’s mantle).

The neocons (most of whom are Democrats anyway) simply hate the party that spurned them when their little war blew up in their face. So expect them to continue to thrust the stake (Bush) into what’s left of the GOP and try to finish the job. From all appearances, this might be their first success.

1:50 pm on May 15, 2009