The Neocon Youth Movement

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On the Faux News Channel this evening a young man representing Young America’s Foundation defended Ann Coulter’s use of the “F-word” slur on homosexuals to describe Democrat John Edwards. His “defense” was that “she really knows how to communicate to college audiences” [of juvenile neocons] and received a “rousing applause” from the youngsters in attendance at the CPAC conference where she hurled the F-word slur.

Do we need any more proof of the complete and total abandonment of any belief in ideas or principles on the part of today’s conservatives? In addition to war, war, war, kill, kill, kill, they are teaching “conservative” youth to be bigots and name callers. Never mind educating yourself in economics, history, philosohy, or almost anything else, they tell these high school and college students. Instead, just spend your time thinking of nasty words to describe Democrats. And remember above all else the Coulter/Limbaugh/Liddy/Hannity/etc., etc. motto: Republicans always good; Democrats always bad. Class dismissed.

8:23 pm on March 5, 2007