The Nature of Bureaucracy

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Charles, two things (among many) about bureaucracies: 1) They hate each other with a purple passion. For example, the CIA is far consumed with besting the FBI, and vice versa, than by any Nigerians. They will no more “share information” than the Hatfields and McCoys. 2) The more mammoth bureaucracies get, the more tangled and sclerotic they become. All the state security organs have expanded beyond belief since 9/11/01. They are therefore vastly less effective by their own alleged standards. Within the state paradigm, the only hope for effectiveness is to break up the elephantine Department of Homeland Security, and massively cut all the constitutent budgets, and the CIA’s too. For more, see Ludwig von Mises’s short, innovative, brilliant, and wonderfully written Bureaucracy for just $9.36.

3:58 pm on December 31, 2009