The Natural Progression of Being “Socially Responsible”

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I don’t know about other religions, but one of the nicer points of Christian ethics is that one is responsible only for one’s own actions. If I buy a loaf of bread from a baker, and then that baker uses the money to go out and buy a gun to murder his whole family, I’m not responsible for his murderous acts. End of story.

Consequently, those government ads from a few years back claiming that if you buy a bag of dope, you are responsible for terrorism (because bad guys use drug money) are less than convincing. But that’s how people have been trained to think and we’re now required to boycott this and avoid that or be “sensitive” to something else in the name of not being responsible for the death of that polar bear trapped on an ice floe somewhere.

On the other hand, one might note that it’s all going in this direction:

10:55 am on April 8, 2014