The Narrative of Power vs. The Narrative of Peace

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I’ve posted before on a different kind of history than the typical history which is, as Karl Popper puts it, “the history of political power”. In a wonderful column in the Freeman, Stephen Davies writes about one alternative to “the narrative of power”:

Maybe there are other dates associated with other kinds of events that are actually more significant than those that mark the course of political power. It may be that it is not power that is the fundamental driving force in the history and evolution of human society but something else…

One example of a very important date in this kind of narrative is January 22, 1970. That day saw the first passenger-carrying flight of the Boeing 747, the jumbo jet, from New York to London…

The significance of that date can be understood by trying to imagine what the world would be like if we were to revert to the limited use of long-distance air travel that was the norm before 1970 and how much of what we now take for granted would change or vanish.

9:11 pm on February 20, 2007