The Name of That Awful Smell in NYS: Jeff Klein

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As per an earlier blog of mine today, I wrote: “As usual, something is starting to smell in my neck of the woods—and I’m not talking about a fish that has gone bad either.” That “something” is New York State Senator Jeff Klein. It turns out that the same Gauleiter Klein who wants to ban fish pedicures now wants to collect DNA samples from people who are arrested for certain crimes prior to a conviction.


“America’s Most Wanted” host John Walsh joins State Senator Jeff Klein at Victim’s Rights Groups rally in favor of collecting DNA upon arrest in New York State. Currently, New York State collects DNA upon conviction, this measure would secure it upon arrest in a select group of violent crimes. To privacy and other concerns, John Walsh says:

“You’re finger printed, your picture is taken, DNA is not intrusive. If you’re found innocent, your DNA is automatically purged, my question is, if it works in 21 other states what is wrong with the great empire state?”

“If you’re found innocent, your DNA is automatically purged…” LOL!!!

Pretty soon, the government will find an excuse to require everyone’s DNA to be placed in a huge government database. But it’ll be to “protect” us, folks—it’s always about “protecting” us.

UPDATE: Nick DelMedico reminded me of a blog I did on how Israeli scientists demonstrated how you can fabricate DNA evidence.

9:15 pm on October 13, 2009