The Murder of Jose Guerena, Continued

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The SWAT team that murdered Iraq War veteran Jose Guerena in his home near Tucson kept a medical team waiting for more than an hour as the 26-year-old father bled to death, and then “sent them away,” reports Tucson ABC affiliate KGUN.

Jose’s wife Vanessa called 911 after seeing a knot of armed men approaching her home. She insists that the assailants never identified themselves as police. After waking up her husband — who had just finished the graveyard shift at a local mine — Vanessa hid in a closet with their four-year-old son. Jose grabbed his AR-15 and confronted the invaders, who burst through the door and started shooting. The intruders fired a total of 71 shots. The assailants initially claimed that  Jose had fired on them — an entirely appropriate response to a criminal invasion of his home — but later admitted that the husband and father was killed before he could pull the trigger.

After the fatal fusillade, Vanessa pleaded with the SWAT team to call for medical assistance; rather than doing so, they held help at bay until their victim was dead, supposedly in the interest of “security.”

KGUN “requested the emergency call records for Drexel Heights Fire Rescue. The 911 call center notified Drexel Heights at 9:43am. A unit arrived just two minutes later at 9:45. But deputies told rescue workers to stay put.  That’s standard to be sure they won’t walk into danger. But they waited until 10:59.  Then heard the radio call `Code 900′, that means they were no longer needed because the person was dead. One hour and 14 minutes went by.  Drexel Heights indicates they were never allowed to even examine Jose Guereña.”

The home invasion was supposedly intended to enforce a search warrant in a narcotics investigation. Neither Jose nor Vanessa has a criminal history, and no narcotics were found at the home.

8:55 am on May 12, 2011