The Multi-Layered Hypocrisy of the Leader-Worshiping ‘Progressive’ Media

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Bill, the partisan hypocrisy of the “progressive” media is one of nature’s few inexhaustible resources. While the WaPo and similar organs are giddily retailing half-century-old gossip, they are not only ignoring Obama’s domestic cruelty in dispatching jackboots to raid medical marijuana clinics, and the determined sadism displayed in the prolonged torture of the hero Bradley Manning (as Angela Keaton noted), but also his ongoing slaughter of innocent people abroad by way of drone-fired missiles. Mitt Romney may well have been a prep school bully as a teenager; Barack Obama is a practicing mass murderer and sadist today.

Ironically, in their eagerness to advance the Obama White House’s culture war narrative, the architects of mass opinion are missing (or ignoring) elements of Romney’s record that bespeak a capacity for authentic cruelty — such as his call to “double Guantanamo,” his casual approval of imprisoning handicapped people who use marijuana as a palliative, his political alliance with anti-Muslim fanatics who have practiced and endorsed torture and entertain genocidal ambitions, and his financial connections to squalid fundraisers who ran an archipelago of “behavior modification” facilities that employed Soviet-derived torture methods in trying to “cure” misbehaving teenagers, many of whom were abducted from their homes and sometimes sent overseas.

2:06 pm on May 10, 2012