The Most Glaring Proof that Peter Joseph Is Ignorant About Economics

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Have fun listening to the politically- and economically-ignorant Peter Joseph‘s “rebuttals” to Stefan Molyneux’s arguments against the “economics” of the Zeitgeist movement. From the get-go, it’s obvious that the “enlightened” Peter Joseph doesn’t see (because he has NOT, in all probability, either read any Austrian school literature—especially Hans Hoppe—or understood it) that it is the institution of GOVERNMENT that has created the problems which Joseph lists at the very beginning of this video, not the “anarchy” or “chaos” of voluntary individual actions.

You’ll wind up stopping after a few minutes because ALL of Joseph’s economically-ignorant objections to voluntaryism (as opposed to the “superior” forced governance by some person or persons through some form of government) have been meticulously refuted countless times in the Austrian/voluntaryist/libertarian literature.

When a person (such as Peter Joseph) belittles “individualism,” you know that he is ultimately a fascist who wants to use force to create his own version of a “better” world. EVERY dictator from time immemorial, whether a President of a Republic or Communist Chairman or Führer, ALWAYS condemns the individual and wants to suppress his or her rights in order for him to forcibly bring about a mythical “collective” greater good—which always winds up making life for the “collective”‘ worse than it was before.

Advances in technology (Peter Joseph is correct about that), a sound monetary system, and voluntaryism will bring us a more peaceful and prosperous world—NOT some person’s or persons’ planned Utopia.

[Thanks to Shaun Bowen]

4:40 am on October 27, 2012