The Mont Staterin Society

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The Mont Pelerin Society, founded just after WWII by classical liberal scholars, soon went wrong. It included from the beginning not only Ludwig von Mises and F.A. Hayek, but Chicago School central-bankites like Milton Friedman. When an early panel focused on how to collect the most taxes without (allegedly) too much economic harm, Mises called the proponents of such nonsense “a bunch of socialists.” (BTW, the tax-justifying Republican insider Friedman whined about this comment his whole life.) By the 1950s, Mises felt the MPS had totally abandoned any notion of laissez-faire, and had become just another intellectual adjunct of the interventionist state. Later, MPS barons would shun Rothbard and such Rothbardians as Hans-Hermann Hoppe. Then the neocons, through the Heritage Foundation, took total control. Here is a good report on the MPS’s recent sybaritic meeting in Sydney. The gatherings are always held in beautiful cities at very expensive hotels, with only the most sumptuous food and booze served. Hey, it’s the neocon-nonprofit way of life. As Murray once said about selling out, most academics would run over their grandmothers for a conference invitation. For one like this, conforming to the statist pieties is a small price to pay. Say, may I pour you another glass of the 1945 Mouton?

UPDATE Thanks to Kalim Kassam for reminding me of this article by Hans Hoppe.

8:15 am on October 21, 2010