The Military Is Anti-Christian

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According to a story in CharismaNews, “The U.S. Navy has instructed housekeepers to remove Gideon-placed Bibles from every hotel room on its military bases after it received a letter from the atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation.” It turns out that “NEXCOM (the Navy Exchange Service Command) issued the directive to bases offering hotel accommodations, ordering them to impound Bibles from 34 Navy Lodge locations and 24,000 Navy Gateway Inns & Suites guest rooms on Navy bases worldwide.” Yet, as I pointed out recently, U.S. military personnel in Bahrain were forced to change their lifestyle for Ramadan.

Even without its bombing and killing, the military is anti-Christian. Why is it that many conservative Christians still think it is a godly and holy institution?

Update: Due to many protests, the Navy has now reversed the Bible ban.

2:09 pm on August 20, 2014