The Media’s Culture War

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Remember when the media went crazy over Pat Buchanan’s comment that we were in a culture war in America? They reacted so harshly to Pat’s comment because he threatened to blow their cover as partisans in this “war.”

Not that any proof of this is needed, but consider the media treatment of two events this week: the final episode of HBO’s series, “Sex in the City,” and the release of Mel Gibson’s movie, “The Passion.” The former is about four late-thirties New York City women who sleep around like so many cats and dogs, cuss like Marines, and spend a lot of time shopping for (and using) “sexual aids.” (“Who needs a man when you have ‘the rabbit?’ ” was one line of dialogue). Naturally, the media swooned over and praised the final episode like it was the Second Coming.

On the other hand, The Passion — which is based on the Bible — has been attacked in wildest manner, and Mel Gibson treated as though he has devil horns sticking out of his head. It’s obvious to me that what is behind this is the fact that most of the media hate the Catholic Church and its doctrines with, well, a passion.

3:16 pm on February 23, 2004