The Meaning of Words, Again

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Confucius recommended that, to restore order, a collapsing society must first establish the correct meaning of words.

So I am not surprised that the international peanut gallery has embraced the domestic American ideological fraud that protecting a country’s national sovereignty equals “isolationism.”

Spain and  Italy — two of the PIIGS — rail against England’s (admittedly pathetic) attempt to protect what is left of its sovereignty. The “I” word comes bashing down, as though it constitutes argument, analysis, and conclusion. Even the Washington Post, which usually reserves the term for Ron Paul, chimes in.

Poor England. Benjamin Franklin explained our War of Independence as an attempt to preserve the rights of Englishmen. It’s startling in these days of the Hegemon to see a British politician who is willing to pursue the same goal.

6:01 pm on December 9, 2011