The May ‘Free Market’ is Now Available

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The May issue of The Free Market is now available at This month: Judge Andrew Napolitano, who will be teaching at Mises University this summer, talks with us about Constitutional Law:

The Free Market: When it comes to Supreme Court cases, what do you think were some of the most damaging to the cause of liberty?

Judge Napolitano: …Almost all of them.

Meanwhile, Christopher Westley builds on Walter Blocks’s work on the so-called “pay gap.”

Moreover, the economics literature strongly suggests that, corrected for productivity, the differences between male and female compensation shrink considerably. As Loyola University economist Walter Block often points out, if wages of certain classes of workers (such as women) were actually less than the revenues generated by those workers, employers would be foolish not to have employment biases in favor of those workers in the first place.

In addition, David Gordon provides a sneak peek into Ralph Raico’s commentary on the libertarian movement for the Oral History Project at the Mises Institute:

While still in high school, Raico and Reisman became interested in Mises, and Raico describes their hilarious attempt to meet Mises, in the guise of door-to-door salesmen for The Freeman. The attempt failed, but they soon were able to join Mises’s famous seminar at New York University. Here Raico met someone who became one of the dominant intellectual influences on his life—Murray Rothbard.

See May’s issue for the latest in news and events at The Ludwig von Mises Institute and other Mises Institutes across the globe.

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10:52 am on May 7, 2013