The Maryanne Godboldo Case: Resistance Isn’t Futile

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Detroit District Court Judge Ronald Giles has acknowledged that Maryanne Godboldo was morally and legally entitled to use deadly force in an attempt to prevent the illegal abduction of her mentally handicapped 13-year-old daughter by the child “protection” mafia last March. Thankfully, nobody was killed when the mother reportedly fired a single gunshot after police and CPS officials, acting without a valid warrant or just cause, invaded her home. As Godboldo observed shortly after the March 24 incident: “They broke into my home illegally in an effort to take my daughter. They had no documentation that said they were allowed to enter my home.”

Goldboldo’s daughter was having behavioral problems the mother believes grew out of an aversive reaction to school-dictated vaccinations. After Godboldo consulted with health and welfare officials, the girl was put on a psychoactive drug called Risperdal, which is notorious for severe and potentially deadly side-effects. When the child’s condition worsened, Godboldo quite sensibly discontinued the “treatment.” The local child “protection” soviet decreed that the mother was “in denial” and guilty of official neglect, and gave itself permission to steal the child so that the involuntary drugging could continue.

No judge has the authority to order an innocent and conscientious mother to surrender her child to strangers. In this case, furthermore, the “authorization” didn’t come from a court. Instead, aprobation officer used a rubber stamp to forge a judge’s signature on the removal order. In doing so, the CPS official who filled out the paperwork “checked contradicting boxes on the order — stating that both reasonable efforts to `prevent removal of the child from the home were not made’ and that they were made,” reports Detroit ABC affiliate WXYZ. In testimony before Judge Giles, the CPS was compelled to acknowledge that the officials responsible for rubber-stamping such orders are neither attorneys nor sworn “referees”; they’re simply bureaucratic functionaries in the employ of an agency that profits from seizing children from parents on any available pretext.

Armed with the spurious paperwork, and backed by a home invasion crew led Lt. Michael Nied (a veteran of the Iraq occupation) CPS demanded that Godboldo surrender her child. Godboldo reportedly fired a gunshot that powdered Nied with drywall debris and sent him scurrying after reinforcements. A paramilitary SWAT team — complete with automatic weapons, armored personnel carriers, and helicopters — was dispatched to surround Godboldo’s home. The mother was arraigned on five charges, including illegal discharge of a weapon and three counts of felonious assault. Judge Giles dismissed all of those charges, correctly observing that “It is ridiculous to go in to remove … somebody’s child based on this order.”

Godboldo’s daughter is presently residing with an aunt. Ironically, shortly after snatching the girl from her home, the same CPS bureaucracy that accused Godboldo of “neglect” ended the Risperdal injections. That decision underscored the real objective of this exercise, which was to punish a parent for refusing to defer to the State’s purported authority to make such decisions. Earlier this month a juvenile court in Wayne County ruled that Godboldo had been guilty of “neglect” for taking that action without official permission.

9:15 am on August 30, 2011